The Best Wireless Earbuds in 2023 : Ultimate Buying Guide

best wireless earbuds

Welcome to the ultimate buying guide for the best wireless earbuds in 2023. Gone are the days when you bought TWS earbuds because your only concern was a cable-less experience but even the best wireless earbuds didn’t offer good sound quality, didn’t fit well or died after a few weeks. Things have evolved remarkably now, companies are now releasing very impressive TWS earbuds. 

Not just the quality, but the variety in the current market allows you to buy the best wireless earbuds specifically for your needs and budget. Companies are coming up with products designed to address your particular needs and this just helps you buy the perfect wireless earbuds for your requirement. In this blog post we are going to discuss how to go about choosing the best wireless earbuds on offer in today’s market and we will also give our recommendations.

What is TWS?

TWS stands for true wireless stereo. True wireless earbuds are ones which give you total freedom of movement as there are no wires used to connect the two earbuds together nor are wires needed to connect to your smartphones. You can read more here.

Things to consider when choosing the best wireless earbuds in 2023

best wireless earbuds
best wireless earbuds
best wireless earbuds

The most important thing to consider when shopping for best wireless earbuds is obviously sound quality, this is down to personal preference too but is more important than any other aspect that you should consider. These days each TWS has its own strong points which distinguish it from its competition. Firstly you need to define your requirements well enough so that you can then find out the product that meets your requirements. Here are some aspects, apart from sound quality, that will help you in choosing the right wireless earbuds for your needs:

Charging case

The battery life of wireless earbuds is determined by a charging case, firstly we need to check the build quality of the case to make sure it’s durable and gives a premium feel at the same time. The case should be compact so that it can be easily carried. The case not only protects our earbuds but it also comes with features of its own like wireless charging capability (which is a must-have when choosing premium wireless earbuds) and in-built speakers for easy detection.

Noise Cancellation

ANC has become a necessity if you want to have a rich and immersive sound experience from the best wireless earbuds around. It silences background noise as much as possible so that the listening experience is enhanced. Modes and features are available so you can hear your surroundings and converse when you want to.

Design and ear tips

Choosing a design that offers good build quality and a comfortable fit is of utmost importance. If they don’t fit well, not only will you not get an ANC experience but they will cause issues when you go for a gym session or a run too. Also, do check to see if the product comes with multiple sized ear tips.

Advanced Codec support

Performance and sound quality of the best wireless earbuds are largely determined by the codec support. LDAC and aptX codecs provide premium sound quality. Also, look for 24-bit music support which elevates the sound quality even more.

Touch controls

The best premium wireless earbuds come with touch controls to adjust volume, take calls and control music. This really elevates the user experience.

Voice-call performance

Another important aspect is testing the voice-call performance to assess how well the background noise is being silenced and how clear your voice is to the listeners during calls.

Apart from these, you also need to make sure you go for a product that suits your particular use. For example, if you are using wireless earbuds while going for a gym session or a run, check the water-resistance rating.

Our recommendations for the best Wireless Earbuds in 2023

Sony WF-1000 XM4

Sony’s WF-1000 XM4 is right at the top of the list for us when discussing the best wireless earbuds. We start with this one because if you are looking for the best overall premium quality wireless earbuds then you don’t need to look elsewhere. This one offers superb sound quality, great call quality and ranks amongst the best in class ANC. 

The sound is well-balanced, detailed and refined when it needs to be, it’s a great package. They also come with a battery life of 8 hours continuous use with ANC ON which is best in class. These come with Bluetooth 5.2, support LDAC codec and have a water-resistance rating of IPX4. 

Overall you can’t really go wrong with these. Only con that you may encounter is their size and fit so you will want to make sure you test and see if they fit comfortably before you buy them.

Apple Airpods Pro (2nd generation)

For all the Apple and iOS users out there, this should be the go-to option. There’s no doubt the 2nd generation airpods pro are a significant upgrade on the original ones. Sound quality is more refined, the sound is clear and deep and the ANC is also better. 

They are feature-loaded as you would expect – Personalized Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking, auto device switching, auto sync across devices and so on. The charging case supports wireless charging and has a built-in speaker, along with precision finding in case you misplace it. Voice call quality is also top-notch. 

You can use touch control to adjust volume with a swipe. It offers battery life of 6 hours with ANC ON. These also come with water resistance rating IPX4. Ear tips come in four sizes and overall these wireless earbuds are a comfortable fit.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is one of our favorites when debating the best wireless earbuds on offer. They promise great sound quality and that is exactly what you get but that’s not all, they also offer 24-bit Hi-fi audio codec support! ANC is decent too. 

They come with bluetooth 5.3 and water resistance IPX7 which makes them more durable than their competitors. Wireless charging is supported and they are a more comfortable fit than their predecessors because of their new design. Minor drawback being a battery life of 5 hours with ANC ON which is lower than what some of the competitors offer but still good enough for us, which is why they make this list.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3

With this product, Sennheiser has truly delivered on sound quality(best in class). Sennheisers are known for their sound quality and this is where they deliver yet again. These wireless earbuds support many bluetooth codecs including AptX and AptX adaptive codec. 

They come with wireless charging, bluetooth 5.2 and a battery life of 7 hours with ANC ON. These come with a water-resistance rating IPX4. Ear tips come in 4 sizes and fit well. ANC on these wireless earbuds, though, isn’t as good as offered by some of its competitors.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II

As the name says, “Quiet Comfort”, this is what they bring to the table. These wireless earbuds are comfortably the best when it comes to noise-cancellation. Sound quality also feels well-balanced and rich. You can use the Bose music app for personalized and adjustable EQ settings. 

It offers battery life of 6 hours with ANC ON, bluetooth 5.3, IPX4 water-resistance rating but there’s no wireless charging. Ear tips come in 3 sizes and the earbuds’ overall size has been redesigned to be smaller than their predecessor, the result is they fit really comfortably. Multi-device pairing is not supported in these, which is a big miss.


So there you go, these were our recommendations for the 5 best wireless earbuds. If you are an apple and iOS user, Apple Airpods Pro (2nd generation) should be the one for you and similarly a samsung user should prefer Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro because of the added advantages that each ecosystem brings. 

If sound quality is your only concern, then the Sennheisers are your best match. If it’s best in class ANC that you want, you can go for Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II. Then, you really can’t go wrong with Sony WF-1000 XM4, they are the ones we really recommend and who we feel are overall, the best wireless earbuds right now. It’s a subjective case too, there’s no wrong decision, it just comes down to your personal preference! 

We hope our blog will help you make the right choice when choosing the best wireless earbuds for your needs. Thank you for reading this article and if you have made it till the end, do leave a comment below. Any feedback is really appreciated and helps us improve going forward.

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